Drive insight and decision-making across your organization with Stellar Waypoints​

Powerful transportation data

Waypoint data delivers snapshots of real-world vehicle journeys.  Each snapshot contains valuable trip characteristics such as vehicle location, speed and acceleration.  Our waypoint data offers this and much more.

Analytics included

Our waypoint packages include free access to our cloud-based analytics program.  With our powerful analytics program, this one dataset can provide broad insight across your organization.

Use Cases

Lower Hudson Transit Link

Arup leveraged connected vehicle data to support NYS DoT with a transit and technology improvement plan, to improve travel time in a critical transportation corridor. The data was used to develop and calibrate traffic simulation models.

Hurricane evacuation traffic data

Moonshadow supported the DoTs of 7 southeastern U.S. states in the study of hurricane evacuation patterns.  The study demonstrated the capability of connected vehicle data to support the planning of faster and safer evacuation routes and procedures.

San Jose DoT access and mobility plan

Arup led the development of a software solution to calculate over 50 key performance indicators, informing client stakeholders on prioritized transportation needs.

Our offerings

We offer a range of waypoint products, including comprehensive and specialty datasets. Our data handling services are tailored to help agencies streamline the process of obtaining, combining, and making purchased data ready for use. 

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Comprehensive datasets

Our comprehensive datasets provide rich waypoint data intended to be representative of overall roadway usage. Our offerings provide industry-leading data volume as well as diversity in trip characteristics.

Specialty datasets

Our specialty datasets provide unique insight into a range of transportation network characteristics, including EV charging activity, road safety, vulnerable road users, observed road hazards and much more.

Data handling services

We offer tailored services to assist agencies with the integration of licensed data with agency systems.  These services help our customers realize more value from waypoint data, faster.

Ordering Stellar Waypoints

Step 1

Select a dataset

Currently we offer 15 feature-rich datasets from four global data suppliers. Contact our customer care team for rates.

Streaming connected vehicle data
Historic connected vehicle data
Historic location-based services data

Step 2

Select a geography and timeframe

Specify which U.S. state(s) and year(s) you would like included. Other bounding options are available for geography and timeframe. 

Contact our customer care team for details.

Step 3

Select a hosting plan

By hosting your data, we reduce the burden on your organization to store and manage it.  Users in your organization have unlimited access to filtering and downloading services during your hosting period.

First year of hosting: Free
Second year of hosting: 10% of data purchase rate
Each additional year of hosting: 5% of data purchase rate

Special offers for TETC Member Agencies

The Stellar Team is proud to partner with The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) as a qualified vendor through the Traffic Data Marketplace.

Save 8% on 3-year
data purchases

Based on total aggregated rates for 3 years of data. Includes 36 months of hosting for free. Geographic area of purchase must be 1 complete state or larger.

Free access to all data licensed by TETC member agencies

Upon completion of a data usage agreement. Contact our customer service team for a listing of all available data purchased by the Coalition.